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It is still in an ‘Alpha’ stage but if you want to test it for yourself the process isn't onerous as the latest version will auto compile and build not just the emulator core, but all the required plugins.

It will run in XWindows, although for the best results run in Console (as with ALL emulators!

Toy Story 2 starts with Screen Update Setting set to 4 in mupen64plus.cfg, but I can't to play the actual game. v=akn17c Ymedcgyeben From the vids it looks like you are running it in XWindows, it will run MUCH faster/better straight from Console and not have to alter the cfg settings for it to be Full Screen (even at 320x240), with the frame buffer set at Maximum (1920x12000).arimal If also fixes Turok Dinosaur Hunter, have edited post to reflect this.

I also recorded some gameplay: Super Mario 64 (#1): If you have tested any other popular titles that are not reflected in the original post please let me know and I will add them.

THPS3 works with Screen Update Setting set to 4 in mupen64

LEGO Racers starts but the graphics are all messed up.

The compatibility list for Mupen64plus is Here - ...

patibility TO BUILD/RUN Hardware - Mupen64plus-Rpi will build on a 512 or 256MEG Raspberry Pi, if you have a 256MEG variety make sure you have the RAM split attributing a MAXIMUM of 64MEG to the GPU (use the config (sudo raspi-config)) Operating System - Raspbian Wheezy Over Clock - Due to the processing power required it is advised to run Mupen64plus-Rpi with the fastest Over Clock that is stable on your System (use the config (sudo raspi-config)) Dependencies Required - SDL1.2-dev Additional Files Required - Game ROMS RAM Split - At least 64MEG to the GPU Build Time - Approximately 45 minutes to 1 Hour depending on overclock Install the required dependancies sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev Download the source code from Github (on the right you will see a Cloud symbol with Download ZIP, that's the link for the master folder) and extract (uncompress).

I'm not a stranger to the peculiarities of n64 emulation, even on a beefy desktop pc you can easily spend as much time configuring mupen to run one particular game as you do playing.It was full speed including sound even with my modest 850 overclock(as my pi eats cards if I push for 900).I got excited while trying to start Castlevania64 as all the intro scenes and menus worked without a hint of sound problems and then got a seg fault upon starting a new game.Further work is required to increase performance/ROM compatibility, if you can assist the author please contact him as, so far, this is all his own work as a ‘lone’ programmer.

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*Trivia - This was actually not originally included in the title but an early motion capture ‘Tech Demo’ by Giles Goddard, co-programmer of Argonaut’s Star Fox/Wing on the Super Famicom/SNES with Dylan Cuthbert and now a Nintendo employee, to flaunt the hardware to prospective publishers (he also programmed the infamous ‘Zelda’ demo when the system was in its infancy and still called Ultra64 See Here - https:// When a bemused Shigeru Miyamoto witnessed Giles at his desk with ‘florescent ping-pong balls’ attached to his face, inquired on what he was doing, suitably impressed Shigeru insisted it was included in the finished game!I'll take any other issues I find to the git page, and I'll be compiling the new branch today.arimal Thanks on behalf of the author, glad you enjoyed it!