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06-Jul-2017 07:53

He wanted me to get some real-- real combattraining in.

Where the losers die, and there aren't any winners-- just guys who turn into broken-down wrecks...

[Making airplane noises] [Making machine gun noises] RAFE: Greatflyin', Dad!

[Making airplane noises] [Making machine gun noises] -[Engine starts] -Oh, gosh!

The British have accepted you into the Eagle Squadron.

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Which atthe moment is a long way south of my waist. [Sighs] This can't be good, or it wouldn't be so hard to say. It's an outfitthe British startedfor American pilots. So,the rumor is the Navy's shipping us to Pearl Harbor.

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So, I mean,you never know what might happen tomorrow... -[Whispering] "W." -"W." -"Q." -Uh, "Q." RAFE: Uh, "Q." Read the bottom line again, please.

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