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07-Jul-2017 05:27

Six former British soldiers who were held for four years over weapons charges have finally left their Indian prison.The British ex-servicemen - known as the Chennai Six - were arrested in October 2013 while working on an anti-piracy ship.But John Armstrong, 30, of Wigton, Cumbria, Ray Tindall, 42, of Chester, Billy Irving, 37, of Oban, Scotland, Paul Towers, 54, of Pocklington, East Yorkshire and Nicholas Simpson, 47, of Catterick, North Yorkshire were all jailed for the offences.There were a series of appeals but none were successful until on November 27 a judge ruled they had been acquitted and were to be freed.He said: 'When I was on bail I went to fast food places like KFC and Burger King, but they are not as nice as the UK versions.It was good to have a Mc Donald's.'I am still on cloud nine. I feel like I am waiting to come down to earth.'I don't know what my plans are yet, but I will stay in the country.

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After years of campaigning, they won an appeal against their convictions last week and were allowed to leave India.

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