Dating an occasional pot smoker enlouquecendo com a liberdade online dating

12-Nov-2017 00:39

I wish we could have a balance and compromise, i.e he only smoked 3 times a week or a certain amount of weed a week. But why would he change if it already worked for him the way it was. Don't wait for others to take care of you and what what you expect from them.

He's so wonderful when he's sober, but it's so rare, that I question if I really even know him anymore. I had to change first, so that keeping things the way they were wasn't possible for him anymore. You're staying in a situation that hurts you, you're hurting yourself, how do you expect OTHERS to protect you better than you do it for yourself?

I thought when I moved to be with him we would get our own house, get married and live happily ever after.

8 months later he still lives with his mother and doesn't seem to have any intentions on leaving.

My boyfriend, who I love very much, is addicted to marijuana.

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But I was already in loved with him so I overlooked it and continued with the relationship....(wrong decision)Now, about a year and a half of having a long distance friendship we started to talk about marriage, I decided to move to his state and I did.He says that he wants to cut back, that he will listen if I tell him not to smoke a specific time, but that hasn't happened. I don't want to him to resent me and start hiding it from me, I just want him to be able to control this. We have a trip planned to visit my family in California over Thanksgiving. I'm so nervous how he will be without weed for that long, and am scared he will secretly go to a dispensary and hide smoking from me and my family (he has a medical marijuana card and my father would not accept him being a pot head, so that is why he can't smoke on our trip). Weed is ruining my relationship to the love of my life. I was in very similar shoes to yours and being upset made me move father and father away from support of family and friends. When you nag, but still go along with his smoking, then he learns that it doesn't matter what you say - you'll get over it.