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17-Nov-2017 20:01

In the articles, the Catholic Church shows that there is no scriptural basis for accepting the first day of the week as the Christian Sabbath.They claim that the only basis for the change from the seventh day Sabbath is found in the traditions of the Catholic Church.

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The site challenges the deceptions of Islam and responds to their distortions of Christianity.Though I think Vox has understated the viciousness of Roman Catholicism, his central arguments still stand.The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment Thomas Thayer's classic book on how Endless Punishment became part of what many churches teach, despite it being contrary to the true nature of Jehovah God as revealed in the Bible.The Two Babylons This is the full 7th edition of Alexander Hislop's classic book as a 13mb PDF.

It clearly reveals the pagan origins of many non-biblical "Orthodox" beliefs. Genetics: Enemy of Evolution Does Mendelian genetics support the hypothesis of evolution, or is it in greater harmony with the hypothesis of Creation? D.) Playing God in the Garden Michael Pollan wrote this article for The New York Times Sunday Magazine on genetically engineered potatoes.Though they are classic Protestants, most of their material is excellent.

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