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17-Jun-2017 23:27

She is the godmother of Chéri and this young man has started to concern his mother Madame Peloux (Kathy Bates), an ex-prostitute herself.

I am saying glorified, because we are talking about times where some prostitutes had power, money and more style and grace than any other woman in society.

I failed to recognize the slightest level of testosterone from him. Youth can not be the answer, she has seen many of young men before. But surely, a girl finding Chéri as annoying, spoilt and gay is not a good sign? I watched it because as I said: 1) Michelle Pfeiffer 2) Stephen Frears Don’t watch it unless you love period pieces no matter what the story and find Rupert Friend cute.

We thought we would spend a few minutes with him on camera to capture and document him at this moment in time.

So I was expecting something spectacular from Stephen again. Of course that cast included the-ever-amazing John Malkovich. I had previously seen him in Pride and Prejudice in a small role and he had done alright. The story: Michelle plays Lea- a glorified prostitute who is near her retirement age.

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He has a pretty face I guess, in a weird way but I half-expected him to announce he was actually gay throughout the movie. He has this weird fascination of pearls and if a guy isn’t gay, his wanting to borrow pink pearls can’t be endearing. So how am I supposed to believe a “love” story when the guy has nothing to offer? I didn’t really care either way but it was just a pointless ending to a pointless story.

But this maturing period lasts longer than they all expected. But according to Madame, it is time for his son to get married. Chéri still would like to have an affair, but Lea doesn’t want to be him after he is married.

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