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Gregory Butler and Joshua Rifkin also were generous in providing material from forthcoming publications.

A number of reviewers, both named and anonymous, also provided perceptive criticisms.

But good analysis, although it may be offered in technical or abstract terms, describes the dynamic processes of a work, in- cluding its expressive or kinetic high and low points.

Especially in Bach's music, these processes are intimately related to the articulation of a work into sections and the particular harmonic, motivic, and contrapuntal devices used in each.

An enormous amount has been written about Bach and his music.

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The remainder of the book consists mainly of commentaries on the individual works, grouped into chapters according to genre and, very approximately, chro- nology.A stimulus toward preparing this second edition was the Japanese translation completed in 2000 by Nozomi Sato and Sachiko Kimura, whose exacting work led to many changes and corrections in the present edition.