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The core of the collection comprises approximately two and a half thousand photographs of art that was handled by the gallery, which are filed along with documents concerning attribution, provenance, acquisition history, and sales.

Card catalogs, lists, and ledgers record artworks sold and purchased and detail transactions with clients.

The gallery in Berlin remained operational until 1939. William Middendorf II, Ruth Nottebohm, Rudolf August Oetker, Norton Simon, Richard F. The Schaeffers also contributed artworks to numerous art museums in United States, Canada, and Europe. Rorimer, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1955 to 1967, observed in 1961: "The Schaeffers are among the most serious, knowledgeable and helpful art dealers who are enabling American Museums to grow for the benefit of our public.

The New York gallery was first located at 61 East 57th Street and changed venues several times before moving to its final location at 983 Park Avenue where it remained for over fifty years. Douwes, Duits Ltd., Galerie Fischer, Walter Fielchenfeld and Marianne Fielchenfeld Breslauer, French & Company, Alexander Gebhardt, Lucien Goldschmidt, Galerie Wilhelm Grosshennig, Hildebrand Gurlitt, Alexandre Jolas, M. They are friends who share unstintingly in helping curators, directors and trustees to choose with care the works of art which redound to the credit of their museums" (cit.

A group of loose sheets (18 x 10 cm) listing artworks by national school (some artworks are listed by genre, style, or time period), with prices. Each sheet includes the name of the artist, the subject of the artwork, and the price.

Included with this group was an envelope inscribed Old Price Books and two notes inscribed with the date ranges 1971-19-1973.

Also included are inventories of private collections, lists of artworks shown at exhibitions held at the gallery, and unpublished albums with photographs of gallery stock.One of the indexes also includes detailed descriptions of the artworks.Frequently, it is stated if the artwork is dated and signed, and a facsimile of the artist's signature is sometimes drawn by hand.Another note was found here, which lists the gallery's cash books and ledgers from 1936 to 1944.

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Included are stock cards, ledgers, and carbon copies of bills and purchases sent to clients.

Occasionally, financial information, such as checks, receipts and invoices can also be found with Series IV. A few lists with records of sales in 1939, 1942, 1952, and 1965 were found within miscellaneous gallery papers and are filed in Series V. The accounts of sales of artworks include files arranged by the name of the artist, by date of purchase or consignment, and by national school.

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