Tenali raman tamil full movie vadivelu online dating

17-Sep-2017 03:43

In the meantime, love blossoms between Tenaliraman and Princess Maadhulai.Tenaliraman, in reality, is a rebel who is sent by his comrades to kill the King, whom he believes at first, is responsible for the poverty of the people.Later, while having dinner with the King and the ministers, he discovers that it is the ministers who are at fault and not the King.

The Chinese consulate, headed by Chao Gong Gong (Nickson Cheng), wishes to engage in trade with the people of the Kingdom of Vikata Nagaram and reap the benefits.The plot of the movie revolves around multiple kingdoms conspiring against Krishnadevaraya, and how Tenali Raman’s wit & intelligence helps his king surmount the odds that his rivals keep putting in front of him forms the rest of the story.