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26-Jun-2017 11:36

my respect went up for the producer and technical team .. was really exaggerating too much venom from her eyes..) .. the additional plus points for me : - definite chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae (sorry I simply couldn't detect any "feel" between KTH and Junjin even though I looked hard during their scenes together .. I have watched more than 20 kdramas since 3rd quarter 2004 todate and never come across this special effects genre like Gumiho .. the fighting scenes were well ch0reographed and special effects were great .. no real depth of acting from any of the leads except in some truly emotional scenes.. and I think the rebel chief aka female warrior (name Chae Rin? there were definite "sparks" between them in many of their scenes ..) - intriguing storyline .. wow..) - ingenious way by scriptwriter to poof off the remains by way of dust powder/ashes when a fox dies .. no need to drag out the story with disposing unsightly rotting carcasses .. and found the Chae Rin actress was more versatile in her facial expressions .. as her love rival KTH would have died many times over in the drama .. and look forward to share my thoughts of this drama .. just find that KTH could not really show the difference in her various moods and only had the same sort of sad "cramped" look on her face .. she is good actress and everything, but i prefer the other girl in Gumiho. and i don't like stairways to heaven, amybe it's becoz' i don't like choi ji woo either.i don't like Kim tae hee that much. i got all the episodes from another site(download), slow but it works.

lolx...only other pairings I could feel and see lovers-chemistry is LBH/CJW in Beautiful Days .. I got the whole serie of nine fox on my comp...haven't finish yet..soo far it's magnificent...

a possibility that there might just be some strange race "hiding" amongst us humans ..

Well, i juz finished watching 1 & 2 only coz i'm waiting 4 the ep to finished dlin, now i left ep 7, 8, 9, 11, & 14 to finished dl, can advance coz the middle not yet dl finished, all the ep at 98% complete except ep 7 which is still 89% , haiz i have been waiting for almost 9 days. The OST for this show is nice too, i have dl it last week, love the songs in this show too, Kim Tae Hee is great, love her acting skill Oh ..

, Why Why Lovehmmm I could understand when you watch it there use to be soo many critics wondering in your one had watched at that when all the questions and comments about how crap the serie is just somehow fade away...

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kekeeke..) Well i'm looking forward to it too, haiz still waiting the Ep 7, 8, 9, & 11 to finish dl, dunno when only can finish, looks like nobody 1 to seed it, all stuck at 98% Btw, how u know KTH could not really show the difference in her various moods?? Well hope i can get to finish this drama ASAP so we can have some discussion on it Because .. this is one action packed drama thats also very touching Currently watching: My Lucky Star, Spring Waltz, War of the In-Laws, Taiyo no Kisetsu, Hwang Jini Unfinished: Bump Off Lover, What Star Are You From, Lets Get Married, Silence, The Hospital, Romantic Princess, Joudan Ja Nai! ) and gee don't you guys find Chae (evil chick)'s voice a bit..too bitchy...suits her anyway...

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